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TransAsia’s Legal Review

Opening Remarks

2017 年 3 月 21 日,权亚律师事务所(“权亚”)正式开通微信公众号“权亚法律精萃”,以此作为权亚与世界相互交流的平台。如 Steve Jobs 所言:求知若渴,虚怀若愚(“Stay hungry,stay foolish”),故此,我们的专业团队成员满怀着对法律的激情和真诚,抱持着谦冲为怀的态度,冀望经由此平台与旧雨新知交换彼此在我们专长的法律领域(如劳动和社会保障、传媒及娱乐、信息技术及电信等方面)的心得,在无边的法律境界中不断的学习以充实自己。我们的座右铭是:“法律人的价值不在于学历 文凭 上主修了什么,而在于立身社会中做了什么!”。

On 21 March 2017, TransAsia Lawyers officially launched the “TransAsia Legal Review” as the firm’s official WeChat account. The account will serve as a communication platform between TransAsia and the rest of the world. As Steve Jobs once said, “stay hungry, stay foolish”. In line with his wise words, our team of professionals carries a passion for the law and a humble eagerness to learn more. This is coupled with an earnest desire and privilege on the part of our team to share with clients and friends our insights into our respective practice areas (employment, media & entertainment, and IT & telecoms) via the new platform, dedicating ourselves to continual improvement in this boundless legal environment. Our motto is “A legal practitioner’s value is not what is written on his diploma, but is rather reflected in what he contributes to the society”.


Even though we are merely publishing short articles and reflecting our thoughts through WeChat, we hope to humbly share our practical experience with our readers. In addition, we warmly welcome all readers including fellow scholars, professionals and HR experts to share their opinions and suggestions, so as to encourage us in continuously striving for excellence and further improvements!

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