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Broadcasters Association Forum Discusses Impact of Media Law Reforms on Cable Television Sector

16 September 2003

Hong Kong: The current state of the China media market and PRC media entertainment law was the topic of a panel discussion, hosted by the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA), which featured speakers Mr Liu Yanming, Chairman of Hairun Media Group, and Jesse T H Chang.
The discussion agenda covered the latest developments in the PRC media sector and their impact on multi-channel television media owners and operators in the Chinese market. The gradual trend of the regulatory environment towards looser controls, and the prospects for domestic and international investors in light of the current explosion of general advertising revenues in China were also key topics.
Jesse also provided the attendees with a brief introduction to one of TransAsia's latest publications, China's Media & Entertainment Law, as well as overviews of the regulatory analyses included therein, which focus on the television, film, publishing, audiovisual products, and advertising sectors.