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"Doing Business In Australia" Guide

02 June 2010

At the request of our Australian alliance firm Freehills,Transasia produced the Chinese version of "Doing Business In Australia". The publication, now in its second edition, offers key insights for those considering investment opportunities and operations in Australia and provides an overview of the relevant laws, rules and practices involved in doing business in Australia. Topics covered include:

  • Australia's natural resources sector
  • banking regulation
  • business acquisitions
  • consumer protection and product liability
  • environmental and planning regulation
  • foreign investment regulation
  • fundraising, and
  • taxation. 

A new chapter on Australia's natural resources sector will be of great interest for investors. The chapter reviews the diverse nature of Australia's resources, including the wide range of commercial opportunities for ventures such as exploiting minerals directly, establishing mineral processing industries and providing technical expertise, services and equipment to the industry.

In addition, important changes have taken place in industrial and employment law. A comprehensive chapter on the recently introduced Forward with Fairness reforms gives valuable insight for all wanting to set up a new business in Australia.

To view the Chinese version of the publication, please click here.
To view the English version of the publication, please click here.