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Jesse Chang Delivers Keynote Speech at Chinese Enterprises Investing in Indonesia Seminar

17 July 2014

Jesse TH Chang, Managing Partner of TransAsia Lawyers and CEO of ChinaGoAbroad, delivered the keynote speech at the Chinese Enterprises Investing in Indonesia Seminar, held in Jakarta. The Seminar was hosted by the Indonesian-Chinese Economic, Social and Cultural Association, and co-sponsored by the Indonesia Shang Bao newspaper and ChinaGoAbroad (an initiative of TransAsia).

The seminar was endorsed by and received strong support from the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the BKPM Investment Board, Chinese Embassy in Jakarta, and representatives from the local business community.

The Seminar focused on the theme of boosting and promoting Chinese enterprises’ investments in Indonesia against the backdrop of future policies, regulations and economic circumstances. O who holds a Doctorate degree, .

Other speakers included Ms. Mari Elka Pangestu, Head of Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, who recognized that “China is a major economy, and is ranked second in terms of economic aggregate, second only to the U.S. Indonesia has already been included in the list of the world’s top 10 major economies. Both economies are highly complementary to each other, and a sound collaboration between the two will positively affect Asia and the entire world beyond.”

ChinaGoAbroad, with its slogan “connecting China to the world”, advises investors and finance-seeking clients offline, and also provides an online information and transaction platform to match demands with project offerings in order to facilitate transactions.

Before and after the event, Mr. Chang met senior representatives from the Indonesia BKPM Investing Board and the local business community, and held discussions about how best to promote Indonesia-China investment cooperation. These discussions also highlighted ChinaGoAbroad’s ability, through its online platform and offline consultancy, to serve as a bridge to connect China and Indonesia.