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TransAsia Hosts 2010 PRC Employment Law Workshop "Current Trends and Human Resource Management/Strategies"

22 July 2010
Beijing: The recent labor strikes at the Foxconn and Honda plants have sent shockwaves throughout China. Potentially those actions will affect the operations of domestic companies and multinationals alike.

Employers in China have always found it difficult to understand and manage employment issues. However, the Foxconn and Honda incidents present for employers new challenges that have arisen over the past 2 years, including stricter regulatory requirements, labor shortages, wage increases and rising labor disputes.

Accordingly, employers now need to expend greater efforts in understanding and in complying with the PRC employment law regime. They also need to implement better systems in handling disputes with workers and crises generally.

In furtherance of this objective, our firm organized a workshop to provide a platform to address the relevant issues and discuss the most effective ways to resolve the problems. 

Various senior government officials and employment experts spoke at the workshop, including:

  • Mr Zhang Shicheng, Deputy Director General of the Legislative Committee of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress
  • Dr Chen Peiyong, Director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council
  • Mr Zhang Shouqi, Deputy Director General of the China Social Insurance Association (formerly with the State Administration of Social Insurance, where he participated in the legislative discussions on the Social Insurance Law (Draft))
  • Mr Guo Jun, Deputy Director of the China Association of Labor Law Studies, and Director General of the Democratic Management Department of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions
  • Mr Zhu Deliang, Director of the Labor Supervision Bureau of the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Human Resources & Social Security
  • Dr Isabelle Wan, Leader of the Employment Practice, TransAsia Lawyers