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TransAsia Hosts Employment Contract Law Forum with Official MOLSS Endorsement

24 July 2007

Beijing: TransAsia hosted the China Employment Contract Law Forum with the official endorsement and support of the PRC Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MOLSS). The Forum focused on explaining the proper legal interpretation of the new Employment Contract Law and illustrating its significant, wide-reaching effects.

Keynote speakers included:

  • Mr Zhang Shicheng, National People's Congress, Deputy Director of the Legislative Committee
  • Dr Chen Peiyong, State Council, Director, Labor and Social Security Department
  • Mr Yan Baoqing, MOLSS, Director-General, Legal Affairs Department
  • Mme Wang Rui, MOLSS, Deputy Director-General
  • Mr Rui Lixin, MOLSS, Deputy Director-General, Legal Affairs Department
  • Mr Zhang Shouqi, State Administration for Social Security, Deputy Director-General