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TransAsia Lawyers Re-Affirms its Alliance with TA Lawyers GKJ Tokyo

08 June 2009
In February 2008, TransAsia entered into an alliance with TA Lawyers GKJ Tokyo (TA Lawyers).  We are proud to announce on behalf of both firms that the alliance has proven a tremendous success, and that we intend to cooperate even closer going forward.

TA Lawyers is a boutique law practice founded by senior attorneys previously with a large Japanese firm, and specializing in  areas similar to those for which TransAsia is particularly well-known.  In addition to providing general corporate law services, its Japanese and foreign attorneys represent leading multinationals in the areas of employment, IT, media, licensing/distribution and luxury brand IP.

As the first close partnership of its kind between a Chinese firm and a local Japanese law office, the alliance between TransAsia and TA Lawyers is unique. Through mutual referrals, pooling of resources and close communication between our respective attorneys, we are able to provide seamless legal services across China and Japan for  multinational clients who have been able to benefit from our combined expertise and local capabilities in both jurisdictions.

For more information about TA Lawyers, please click here.