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TransAsia Lawyers Release 3 New Employment Law Publications

11 May 2010
TransAsia is pleased to announce the release of 3 new publications covering the landmark and complicated 2008 Employment Contract Law (ECL).

About the Publications

Interpretation of the Employment Contract Law of the People's Republic of China

Originally produced in Chinese by the Legislative Affairs Commission of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, this publication provides an authoritative analysis of the ECL.  It interprets each aspect of the law in detail, provides in-depth insights into its underlying objectives, and helps readers to understand the effects of the law on hiring and retention.  TransAsia is proud to have been invited to produce the official English translation of this important book.

Using Employment Contracts Skillfully & Reducing Labor Disputes

This ambitious treatise was written by Dr Chen Peiyong, Section Director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council.  It brings clarity to a challenging, critical topic and serves as a valuable companion in understanding the Implementing Regulations of the ECL.

The Employment Contract Law: Implementation Strategy and Risk Prevention

A critical analysis of the ECL and its Implementing Regulations, this Chinese-language guide distills the expertise of leading Chinese employment practitioners.  It outlines 31 essential strategies for the resolution of common HR management problems and provides answers to some of the most frequent questions employers have about this law.

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