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TransAsia Partner Presents Exclusive Workshop on the PRC Employment Contract Law

05 December 2007

Singapore: This conference, organized by the Singapore Business Federation and presented by Isabelle Wan, focused on the significant implications of the new Employment Contract Law on the rights of employees and the legal liability of employers. With a personal involvement in the drafting of the new landmark legislation, Isabelle shared her knowledge of the new provisions in great detail with the delegates.

She covered numerous issues arising from the new PRC Employment Contract Law, including:

  • Overview of critical changes arising from the new Employment Contract Law
  • Conclusion, performance, amendment, renewal and expiration of employment contracts
  • New requirements for open- ended contracts
  • Drafting of employment contracts and employee handbooks
  • Implications of the Employment Contract Law on the termination of employment contracts
  • Enforcement of non- compete agreements
  • New rules on the secondment of employees
  • New restrictions on severance pay
  • Labor dispute resolution
  • Issues to note during the transitional period
  • Legal liabilities of employers