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TransAsia Partners Address University of Purdue MBA Students at Tsinghua University

17 May 2006

Beijing: TransAsia Partners Jesse Chang and Isabelle Wan presented talks to students from the University of Purdue MBA program studying at Tsinghua University on issues concerning foreign direct investment in China and employment law, respectively.
In his speech, Jesse outlined several key factors which have made China a preferred market for foreign investment and detailed the major issues currently facing the foreign business community, including:

  • Sectors for foreign investment in the PRC
  • Corporate vehicles available for foreign investment
  • Preferential treatment policies for foreign investors
  • Legal and practical issues faced by foreign investors

Isabelle, the partner in charge of TransAsia's Employment Law Practice, highlighted and explained the latest employment law developments and clarified the important legal and practical employment-related issues currently confronting foreign investors in China, including:

  • Potential implications of the draft PRC Employment Contract Law
  • Common mistakes with employment contracts and wage payments
  • Hiring expatriates
  • Enforceability of non-compete agreements
  • Common termination mistakes
  • Role of trade unions
  • Labor dispute resolution