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TransAsia Partners Jesse Chang, Phillip Qu and Isabelle Wan Present Workshops to Industry L eaders at the Asian Legal Business (ALB) In-House Legal Summits held in New York and San Francisco

07 April 2006

Jesse Chang and Phillip Qu presented complementary workshops on the PRC regulatory environment and policy developments in China's traditional and "new" media sectors, respectively. Isabelle's presentation examined the variety of legal issues to be navigated in the realm of PRC labor law.
Jesse addressed critical issues for foreign investors in China's film and television sectors, including:

  • Legal requirements and recent policy developments in respect of production and distribution, including satellite landing rights, domestic film production and cinema operations
  • Market entry and structuring options based on key case studies

Phillip explored the rich growth opportunities and unique challenges for foreign investors in China's new media frontiers (e.g., 3G and IPTV), including:

  • Foreign direct investment policy
  • Local partner identification
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Dealing with uncertainties in law and policy

Isabelle discussed the "Practical Implications of the Latest Developments in PRC Employment Law", covering a wide range of employment law issues in China, including:

  • Critical changes arising from the draft PRC Employment Contract Law
  • Expatriate employment
  • Common mistakes made in employment contracts, handbooks and wage payments
  • Enforceability of non-compete agreements
  • Potential legal liabilities in terminating employment contracts
  • Media's influence on employment termination
  • Employment issues with M&As
  • Trade unions
  • Labor disputes and resolution