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TransAsia plays a role in The Forbidden Kingdom

01 May 2008

The new big-budget Hollywood film, The Forbidden Kingdom, has just been released internationally. Filmed on location in China, this movie marks the first collaboration between martial arts veterans Jackie Chan and Jet Li. TransAsia is proud to have played its own part as PRC counsel to the production company for the film.

Our role included advising on various pre-production issues, such as permits and approval requirements, how to set up production bank accounts and how to hire a cast and crew in China. We also represented the production company in drafting and concluding its PRC co-production contracts, and handled the bilingual contracts of both female leads (Crystal Liu and Li Bingbing).

Our other recent film clients include Walt Disney Studios, Hairun Media Holdings, John Woo's Lion Rock Productions, Ruddy Morgan and Celestial Pictures.