PRC Law Newsflash

Download14 July 2009

  • New Regulation Relaxes Lending Rules to Spur Outbound Investment

Download18 June 2009 (1)

  • Draft Rules Indicate Easing of Foreign Exchange Controls for Outbound Investments

Download18 June 2009 (2)

  • New Regulations Issued to Encourage Foreign Multinationals to Establish Regional Headquarters in Beijing

Download4 May 2009

  • PRC Government Issues New Regulations to Stimulate Foreign Venture Capital Investments

Download8 April 2009

  • Administrative Measures for Overseas Investment
  • Supplementary Amendments to the Measures for the Administration of Foreign Investment in the Commercial Sector

Download11 March 2009

  • Draft Administrative Measures for Overseas Investment  Released for Public Opinion

Download23 January 2008

  • Product Safety Developments
  • Initial Impact of the New Employment Contract Law on Retail Operations in China

Download25 June 2007

  • New Administrative Rules on the Filing of Commercial Franchises

Download30 April 2007

  • Outstanding Issues Concerning China's New Franchise Regulations

Download13 March 2007

  • China's New Franchise Regulations

Download1 February 2007

  • Report on the Inspection of the Quality of Brand Apparel by the Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce

Download14 November 2006

  • New Measures Addressing Fair Trade Relationships between Retailers and Their Suppliers

Download13 October 2006

  • New Measures to Guide Retailers in China

Download9 March 2006

  • Supplementary Rules Issued for Hong Kong and Macao Invested Enterprises

Download6 August 2005

  • Distribution in China – Important Developments

Download19 May 2005

  • Notice on Issues relating to Business Scope Expansion of Foreign-Invested Enterprises in Non-Merchandising Sectors to Include Distribution Rights