PRC Telecoms, Media & Technology

Download18 November 2010

  • New Policy on E-Books Narrows Window of Opportunity for Foreign Players

Download20 October 2010

  • New Policy Regarding Online Sales by Foreign-Invested Enterprises

Download9 July 2010

  • Ministry of Culture Releases New Regulations on Online Games

Download5 July 2010

  • Measures on Third-Party Payment Services Introduced

Download23 June 2010

  • New Rules Issued for the Content of Television Dramas

Download28 December 2009

  • WTO Decides on Publications and Audiovisual Products Dispute between the United States and China

Download22 December 2009

  • State Council Issues New Measures on Copyright Fees for Audio Recording Broadcasts

Download2 December 2009

  • State Administration for Radio, Film and Television Responds to Box Office Inflation

Download30 November 2009

  • Ministry of Culture to Strengthen its Regulation of Online Game Content

Download27 October 2009

  • The SARFT Issues New Regulations for the TV Shopping Industry

Download14 October 2009

  • China Tightens its Control Over the Online Music Industry

Download10 August 2009

  • China Adopts Plan to Promote Cultural Industry

Download24 July 2009

  • Conflict Between Overlapping Authorities in the Online Gaming Industry Escalates Over New Notices

Download21 July 2009

  • Hubei High Court Releases China’s First Ever Compensation Standards for Online Video Copyright Violations

Download6 July 2009

  • New Regulations Issued to Strengthen Administration of Virtual Currencies

Download2 July 2009

  • GAPP Introduces Reforms to the Publishing Industry

Download22 June 2009 (1)

  • New Regulations Passed to Further Increase Website Registrations

Download22 June 2009 (2)

  • MIIT Promulgates Two Regulations for Reporting and Handling Cybercrime

Download18 May 2009

  • Ministry of Culture Tightens Censorship of Online Gaming – Further Uncertainty for an Overregulated Industry?

Download15 May 2009

  • New Regulatory Movement by China's Central Bank in the Online Payment Sector