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Hou Lingling

Associate Professor of the Law School of Shenzhen University

PhD and Part-time Lawyer

About Professor Hou

Dr Hou Lingling is a visiting scholar at the Center for Chinese Law, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong. She is a Director of the China Social Law Studies Association, Executive Director of the Guangdong Provincial Social Law Studies Association, Director of the Guangdong Provincial Labor Law Studies Association and Human Resources Association, an expert at the Guangdong Labor & Personnel Mediation Center, an expert at the Guangdong Provincial Department of Human Resources & Social Security, a member of the Legal Advisory Panel of the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources Association, a part-time arbitrator of the Shenzhen Municipal Labor & Personnel Dispute Arbitration Commission, and a mediation expert of the Shenzhen Municipal Intermediate People’s Court.

She was in charge of a project under the National Social Science Foundation (“A Study on the Basis for Wage Rights and Legal Mechanisms for Harmonious Labor Relations”), a project under the social science foundation of the Ministry of Education (“A Study on the Security for Wages Owed in China in the Context of Economic Globalization”), a project entrusted by the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Security (“The Labor and Personnel Arbitration System and Structural Reform”), and several other projects entrusted by the government. She has also published a monograph “A Study on the Wage Formation Mechanism in Chinese Enterprises in the Context of Economic Globalization”, and more than 30 papers on labor laws, many of which were reproduced by the Information Center for Social Sciences, Renmin University of China. She has published a paper entitled “A Study on the Local Legislative Process Concerning Employee Collective Actions (from the Perspective of the Guangdong Model)“, which appeared in the first issue of the China Law Review founded by the Taiwan National Chengchi University. As an expert, she has participated in the legislative and problem-solving consultancy for the labor departments of Guangdong Province and Shenzhen. She has personally participated in handling collective labor disputes for many well-known enterprises.