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Lin Dongpin

Senior Partner

Languages :  Chinese (Mandarin) and English
Office :  Chief lawyer of The Bohe Criminal Legal Services Center
 Director of Shanghai Bohe Law Firm
Contact :
 +86 21 6136 8500

About Lin Dongpin

Mr. Lin is a famous criminal defense lawyers in China and has ever handled hundreds of criminal cases, many of which are serious cases of corruption or bribery-related duty crime, financial or economic crime, smuggling crime, drug crime and intellectual property crime. With Mr. Lin’s efforts, defendants of many criminal cases have been acquitted, exempted from criminal punishment, or has not been indicted and many cases have been withdrawn. Mr. Lin has been highly recognized by clients for his noble professional ethics and high professional competence. Depending on his tremendous experience in handling criminal cases, Mr. Lin is among the first to advocate preventing and taking criminal risks of enterprises under control and create a new mode for criminal legal service provided to enterprises. He is the founder of The Bohe Criminal Legal Services Center, which is specialized in offering professional, refined and all-round criminal legal services for enterprises. Led by Mr. Lin, the team of the Center has developed the core criminal-litigation and non-litigation service products after an in-depth research and formed systematic measures for risk prevention. Within such a product framework, Mr. Lin has offered criminal legal services for numerous large enterprises. The criminal cases such as the billions Yuan capital loss of the special purpose fund in a certain district of Jiangsu province, embezzlement of public fund by a Jiangxi real estate company, the extraordinarily serious contract fraud against a Zhejiang construction company and many other serious cases were successfully handled by Lin’s team, who not only helps the enterprises, companies or shareholders avert large economic losses, but also ensures the personal safety of the entrepreneurs involved, achieving a good social effect.

Mr. Lin is keen on social activities. He is among the first to appeal to the government to abolish the system of reeducation through labor, to show concern to the existence and growth of entrepreneurs of private enterprises, and give support to growth of young lawyers. He has ever participated in legislative research of Criminal Procedure Law and Amendment to Criminal Law and also joined the Excellent Talent Cultivation Project initiated by Lawyer College of East China University of Political Science and Law. He has also been invited by lots of influential media across the country such as Xinhua Daily Telegraph, Guangming Daily, Liberation Daily, Labor Newspaper, Shanghai Broadcasting Station, Dragon TV and Shanghai Television Station to deliver a legal interpretation on not topics of the society. Many special reports about Mr. Lin’s stories were published on newspapers, such as the headline news titled “Being Eloquent on Court while Sticking to Justice behind Court” on law column of Xinmin Evening News, the news titled “Lin Dongpin – Vindicate Others through Speculation Analysis” on “Today’s Star” column of Shanghai Law Journal and the report named “Books in Hand while Justice in Mind” on Labor Newspaper.