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Wang Siwei

Senior Partner

Education :  LL.M. in Criminal Law of East China University of Political Science and Law
Languages :  Chinese (Mandarin) and English
Office :  Lawyer of the Bohe Criminal Legal Services Center
Contact :
 +86 21 6136 8500

About Wang Siwei

Mr. Wang has engaged himself in criminal legal service for many years and the cases handled by him, including the charge of duty encroachment against the senior manager of a foreign-invested company, the charge of contract fraud against the Zhejiang millionaire Huang, the charge of illegal operation against the female millionaire Weng and the charge of fraudulent fund-raising against a famous Shanghai entrepreneur, have achieved a good result. He also has a deep insight into cybercrime and has a broad knowledge of IT crime, internet intellectual property crime, online assets-related crime, online reputation infringement crime and other network-related crimes. Many such cases that were handled by Wang, including the case about use of the self-developed offline plug-in software to make illegal profits and infringe copyright, i.e. the first among such cases in China, the case of online cross-national credit card fraud, which drew great attention from media at that time, and case that a famous network company was accused of duty encroachment, have achieved a good effect.

Mr. Wang attaches great importance to prevention of criminal risks in enterprises and he insists that enterprises should take precautions against the potential criminal risks, which is a summary of his experience after so many years of work on enterprise-related criminal cases. Bearing this thought in mind, he has succeeded in handling many enterprise-related cases, such as the case that a Jiangxi real estate project suffered duty encroachment and that a Shanghai Sino-foreign joint venture suffered trade secrete theft, helping the said enterprises recover huge economic losses.

Mr. Wang also pays great attention to theoretical research. He has published over 10 academic papers and critiques on Journal of East China University of Political Science and Law, Criminal Research, Shanghai Law Journal, Shanghai Lawyer, Democracy and Legal System Weekly and many other newspapers and journals and many of them have been awarded various prizes. Mr. Wang has also been invited by East China University of Political Science and Law and Shanghai Jiao Tong University to teach “Criminal Lawyer Practice” and “Legal Clinic” to undergraduates and postgraduates and take part in edition of the corresponding teaching materials as well.