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Xinmin Xing

Executive Director, China Labor Law Studies Association of the PRC Ministry of Labor and Social Security

Education :  Graduate (Beijing Management Institute for Economic Planning Cadres)

About Xing Xinmin

Xinmin joined TransAsia in August 2003 as the deputy leader of the Employment Law Practice.

Widely recognized as an authority on Chinese employment and social security law, Xinmin served for 10 years as General Counsel of the PRC Ministry of Labor & Social Security and is an Executive Director of the China Labor Law Studies Association under the Ministry of Labor & Social Security (now, the Ministry of Human Resources & Social Security). He participated in the drafting of key legislation such as the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China and the Regulations for the Administration of Labor in Foreign-Invested Enterprises and has edited and written a number of publications on employment law.

A contributor to numerous articles in magazines and newspapers, including the China Labor and Social Security Post and Staff Magazine, Xinmin has worked as an editor, critic and consultant and has represented companies in labor dispute arbitration and litigation. Prior to joining TransAsia, Xinmin served as legal counsel to clients including ABB, IBM, Hangzhou Cosmetics and Perfumes, FAI (Japan) and the Poly Group (China).

Major Publications

  • The Execution and Management of Employment Contracts
  • The Labor Law: Essential Facts
  • Answers for Legal Questions Involving Labor and Employment
  • A Guide to the Duties of Arbitrators and Mediators Involved in Labor Disputes
  • A New Analysis of Collected Employment Contracts
  • Interpretation of Labor Disputes and Labor Security Administrative Disputes
  • Regulations for Employment by Enterprises