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China's Media & Entertainment Law (Volume II)

China's Media & Entertainment Law (Volume II) is the most comprehensive and authoritative legal publication available on the dynamic PRC media sector. Compiled and written by TransAsia's team of media lawyers, and reviewed and endorsed by industry executives and Chinese government officials, the second volume continues the success of its predecessor and is a must-have for any firm or individual with a professional or academic interest in China's media and entertainment industry.

Volume II is intended to give readers an update of China's key market and regulatory developments in the media and entertainment arena.  It incorporates legislation and regulatory analysis current up to October 2006. This new edition covers:

  • the most up-to-date analysis of the television, film, audiovisual product, print and advertising sectors, with a new chapter on event management
  • commentary on the current regulatory environment, legislative developments, foreign investment requirements and market entry issues and opportunities
  • 103 (including 69 new) pieces of key legislation in both English and Chinese
  • updated analysis of the impact of China's World Trade Organization commitments on the domestic media sector
  • current industry examples illustrating how governmental policy affects the interpretation and enforcement of legislation

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