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China's Media & Entertainment Law, 2013 Edition

For those looking to understand the complex and often contradictory laws surrounding China's media and entertainment sectors, TransAsia's China's Media & Entertainment Law is a must-have.

The 2013 edition of China's Media & Entertainment Law is the third in our series of seminal legal publications about the ever-evolving PRC media sector.  For the first time, this edition will be published as a series of e-guides containing comprehensive coverage of the sector and features in-depth analysis of a wide range of industries, including television, intellectual property, film, audiovisual products, print, advertising, event management, internet & new media, and online games.  Each guide includes news and analysis about the latest developments in the field, regulatory and sector analysis, business strategies for foreign investors, and legislative developments, along with TransAsia's English translations of key regulations.  Purchasers of each e-guide will also receive a code to access the official text of key Chinese regulations, TransAsia news updates and other additional content on the China's Media & Entertainment Law website. 

Written by our expert team of media lawyers, and endorsed by industry executives and Chinese government officials, this book is destined to become a vital resource for all serious studies of the media and entertainment sectors in China. As with the previous editions in our series, the 2013 Edition is an indispensable guide for any firm or individual with a professional or academic interest in the media and entertainment industry in China. 

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