"Doing Business In Australia" Guide

02 June 2010

At the request of our Australian alliance firm Freehills,Transasia produced the Chinese version of "Doing Business In Australia". The publication, now in its second edition, offers key insights for those considering investment opportunities and operations in Australia and provides an overview of the relevant laws, rules and practices involved in doing business in Australia. Topics covered include:

  • Australia's natural resources sector
  • banking regulation
  • business acquisitions
  • consumer protection and product liability

TransAsia Awards Employment Law Scholarships at Northwest University of Politics & Law

26 May 2010

Xi'an: On 26th May 10, TransAsia partners Dr. Isabelle Wan, leader of the Employment Law practice, and Ms. Helen Li, were proud to present prizes to  20 high achieving law students at a ceremony held at the Northwest University of Politics & Law.

The scholarship aims to identify, encourage and reward academic and overall excellence by granting 1 first-place, 3 second-place,  6 third-place scholarships and 10 encouragement awards, with the ultimate objective of promoting the development of employment law.

Chambers and Partners Asia Awards: China 2010 - Employment Law Firm of the Year

13 May 2010

We are pleased to advise that our firm has been selected as the China "Employment Law Firm of the Year 2010" by Chambers and Partners for its inaugural Asia Awards: China. Described by Chambers as "occupying a well-regarded position in the field", our employment team led by Dr. Isabelle Wan is proud to have been picked ahead of 5 other Chinese firms.

TransAsia Lawyers Release 3 New Employment Law Publications

11 May 2010
TransAsia is pleased to announce the release of 3 new publications covering the landmark and complicated 2008 Employment Contract Law (ECL).

Workshop on the PRC Employment Contract Law

15 April 2010
Singapore: The Implementing Regulations for the Employment Contract Law of the People's Republic of China  were promulgated by the State Council on 18 September 2008. They comprise 38 provisions, interpreting and supplementing the provisions of the Employment Contract Law and have far reaching implications for the application of the law on current and future employment relationships.

Employment Contract Law - Implications and Challenges for HR Management

25 March 2010
Hong Kong: The Employment Contract Law (ECL) and its Implementing Regulations have presented employers and HR professionals with many challenges in the best way to manage employment contracts and labour issues. On 25 March 2010, at a seminar hosted by the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management Dr. Wan sought to address those issues.

TransAsia Represents RIM in Sponsorship of Shanghai Expo

17 March 2010
Led by Partner, Philip Qu, who was assisted by Karen Hu and Pascal Jiang, our firm was honored to have represented Research in Motion in concluding its sponsorship agreement with the Shanghai Expo 2010 to be the official smart-phone provider of the Expo. Please click here for the press release.

Dr Isabelle Wan Conducts Seminar on the Employment Contract Law

11 March 2010
Singapore: The new Employment Contract Law (ECL), came into effect on 1st January 2008 and is considered the most significant change in Chinese labour rules in more than a decade. The ECL set new standards for labour contracts, severance pay and employment of temporary workers. Although detailed implementing regulations to the law have been promulgated, many employers remain unclear on the changes and how they will affect their operations in China.