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TransAsia Partner Addresses Workshop on Employment Law for Leading Hong Kong Investment Group

04 September 2003

Shanghai: A two-day workshop on PRC employment law was arranged by Jardine Matheson Limited, with the main purpose of educating the Hong Kong investment group's senior HR managers on key issues relating to PRC employment law. Isabelle Wan was invited to speak on various issues relating to employment law, including employment contracts, overtime payments, sick leave, and probationary periods.

BSR Labor Law Seminar

23 October 2002

Shanghai: Isabelle Wan was invited to present an exclusive seminar on employment law in China, organized by BSR. Isabelle's presentation discussed various topics relating to PRC employment law, including:

  • China's labor and social security legislation;
  • Juvenile workers;
  • Minimum wage standards;
  • Overtime wages;
  • Sick leave policies; and
  • Comprehensive working hours system.

TransAsia Partner Presents Training Session on PRC Employment Law for Leading Network of European Law Firms

19 September 2002

Amsterdam: Isabelle Wan presented the China-focused session for the Employment Law Network Training Conference, attended by approximately 150 leading European lawyers specializing in employment law.
This presentation provided an introduction to PRC legislation in respect of employment contracts, tips on how companies can avoid labor disputes, and case studies of various PRC labor disputes.

TransAsia celebrates publication of China's IT & Telecoms Legislation (Volume II)

27 September 2001

Beijing: International industry leaders joined TransAsia in celebrating the publication of China's IT & Telecoms Legislation (Volume II). A number of high-ranking Chinese government officials also attended the launch, including:

China Labor & Social Security Law Forum

30 November 1999

Shanghai: In November 1999, endorsed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and in cooperation with the Shanghai Foreign Service Corporation, TransAsia held its third forum on Chinese labor law in Shanghai. The forum addressed the following topics:

China Labor Law Forum

30 November 1997

Beijing & Hong Kong: In June 1997 and November 1997, with the support of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, TransAsia organized 2 highly successful conferences on Chinese labor law in Beijing and Hong Kong. Speakers included recognized international HR and employment law experts, and senior officials.