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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy for the web site of TransAsia Lawyers (we or us) sets forth our obligations for the protection of the right to privacy of our web site users (you or your) and states various policies according to which we handle information that is collected and/or received from you.

1. Non-Personal Information

We collect certain non-personal information regarding our users, such as their IP addresses, browser and operating system types as well as the names of their Internet access service providers. We collect this information in order to optimize the services of our web site and compile statistics of its usage traffic.

2. Personal Information

When you undertake certain activities through our web site such as user registration and online purchases, we will, upon your acceptance and confirmation, ask you to provide certain personal information. This personal information includes: (i) personal identification information, such as your name, telephone number and postal and e-mail addresses; and (ii) personal background information, such as your occupation and company name.

Without your expressed consent, we will use your personal information only to contact you regarding our services.

3. Users' Rights

You are entitled to enjoy the following rights with regard to your personal information:

  • to review our records thereof;
  • to request that we supplement or alter your personal information; and
  • to request that we cancel your user account and delete your personal information.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We may, pursuant to the demands of governmental authorities or as otherwise required by law, disclose your personal information to such authorities or other third parties, in which event you agree to exempt us from any liability relating to such disclosure.

5. Exemption from Liability

You agree to exempt us from any liability resulting from either of the following situations:

  • disclosure of personal information due to your sharing of your password or account with others; or
  • any disclosure or loss of personal information due to an event beyond our control, including, but not limited to, computer virus infection.