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Professionals from our firm have produced an impressive list of authoritative guides on key aspects of PRC law, including the following:

Media & Entertainment

  • China's Laws & Regulations on Radio, Film and Television (SARFT 2009)  
  • Cable TV in China (Financial Times Media & Telecom 1998)

China's Media & Entertainment Law Series

Labor & Employment

  • Interpretation of the Employment Contract Law of the People's Republic of China (TransAsia 2010)
  • Using Employment Contracts Skillfully & Reducing Labor Disputes (TransAsia 2010)  
  • The Employment Contract Law: Implementation Strategy and Risk Prevention (TransAsia 2009) 
  • "Handling Employment and Labor Disputes in China," a chapter in Managing Business Disputes in Today's China: Duelling with Dragons (Kluwer Law International 2007)  
  • China Employee Wages: Statistics and Analysis (CCH 2001)
  • "Taking a Stake in Tomorrow: Labor Regulatory System and Stock Options," a chapter of The Life and Death of A DOTCOM in China (Asia Law and Practice 2000, co-authored with Preston Gates & Ellis)
  • "Employers' Legal Obligations in China," a chapter of Competitive Rewarding: The Essential Business Guide to Compensation & Benefits in Hong Kong and the PRC (Euromoney 1998)
  • China Labor & Social Security Law - Essential Facts Explained (CCH 1998 - 2008)

IT & Telecoms

  • The International Covenant and Legislation on E-Commerce in China (Law Press - China 2009)
  • China's Videogame Industry Regulatory Landscape (January 2007)  
  • "Online Payment Practice in the PRC", an article in BusinessForum China (German Industry & Commerce 2006)
  • Legal Issues Relating to E-Commerce (China Law Press 2001)
  • Legal Issues Relating to Electronic Signatures (Supreme People's Court Press 2001)

The TransAsia Internet, IT & Telecoms Series

Real Estate & Construction

  • A Professional's Guide to PRC Land Legislation (Sweet & Maxwell 1999 - 2004)