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IT & Telecoms Publications

The International Covenant and Legislation on E-Commerce in China (Law Press - China 2009)

Commissioned by the PRC Ministry of Commerce, this Chinese-only publication is divided into two sections, namely: an interpretation of international covenant on e-commerce and an introduction to e-commerce legislation in China. The book provides a useful reference on topics including model e-commerce laws, e-contracts, electronic certificates, electronic payments and on-line businesses.

China's Videogame Industry Regulatory Landscape (January 2007)

TransAsia's report "China's Videogame Industry Regulatory Landscape" was written in collaboration with Niko Partners. It detailed the regulations, policy and process for launching an online or packaged videogame in China, and was thus a critical read for any company eager to enter China's games market.

[Note: this publication is no longer available]

"Online Payment Practice in the PRC", an article in Business Forum China (German Industry & Commerce 2006)

Focusing on the regulatory framework for electronic payments in China, this article covered the latest legislative developments relating to third-party platforms and provided an analysis of specific trends in e-commerce policy, with an eye toward the likely direction of forthcoming legislation. The article was part of a special issue on e-commerce for Business Forum China, a bi-monthly periodical published by the PRC arm of the German Chamber of Commerce. Available in English only.

China's IT & Telecoms Legislation (TransAsia 2003)

This third volume in our IT & Telecoms Law Series is an essential guide to legislative and policy reforms following China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO). It includes analyses of the changing regulatory environments of China's IT and telecoms sectors. With discussions of recent regulatory reforms, including those affecting e-commerce, Internet cafés, venture capital, satellite communications, network convergence and Internet content, this book contains full texts of over 25 pieces of PRC legislation presented in Chinese and English.

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China's IT Policy & Legislation (TransAsia 2001)

China's IT Policy & Legislation contains 60 pieces of more recent IT legislation, also contextualized by legal commentaries. Written in collaboration with more than 24 experienced professionals and PRC government officials, this book offers a wealth of penetrating insights.

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A Guide to China's New ICP Legislation (TransAsia 2000)

The Guide provides full Chinese and English language texts of new regulations concerning the PRC Internet industry, and features concise English summaries of the key points in that legislation.

China's Internet Policy & Legislation (TransAsia 1999)

The first and only bilingual guide to China's IT law, China's Internet Policy & Legislation presents 46 of the most essential regulations governing the Internet and IT sectors in China. The legislation is also put into context with legal commentaries on each topic written by senior Chinese officials and leading professionals. Produced in collaboration with the PRC Ministry of Industry and Informatization and other relevant Chinese government departments.