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Media & Entertainment

China's Media & Entertainment Law, 2013 Ed. (TransAsia 2013)

The latest edition of China's Media & Entertainment Law is the third in our series of seminal legal publications about the ever-evolving PRC media sector. This edition continues our comprehensive coverage of the sector and features in-depth analysis of a wide range of industries, including television, film, audiovisual products, print, advertising, event management, internet & new media, games and intellectual property. It also features TransAsia's English translations of key legislation. For the first time, China's Media & Entertainment Law will be released as a series of topic-specific e-Guides, with a traditional print compendium published after all e-Guides have been released. To purchase, visit

China's Media & Entertainment Law (Volume II) (TransAsia 2006)

China's Media & Entertainment Law (Volume II) is the authoritative legal publication on the dynamic PRC media sector. This second volume is a comprehensive update of its predecessor, with commentaries for six industry segments (television, film, publishing, audiovisual products, advertising, and event management), and is accompanied by 103 pieces of legislation in English and Chinese. The commentaries include regulatory and sector analysis, legislative developments, and business strategies for foreign investors. Drafted by our team of media lawyers, and reviewed and endorsed by industry executives and Chinese government officials (including a Foreword written by the General Counsel of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television), this book is a must-have for any firm or individual with a professional or academic interest in the media and entertainment industry in China.

China's Media & Entertainment Law (Volume I) (TransAsia 2003)

China's Media & Entertainment Law (Volume I) includes over 65 pieces of legislation presented in both the original Chinese and full English translations. These regulations are separated by sector (television, film, audiovisual products, publishing and advertising) and supplemented by English language commentaries on the associated industries. The first publication of its kind, this book's vital information provides a gateway into China's highly restricted media markets.

Cable TV in China (Financial Times Media & Telecom 1998)

This Financial Times Management Report explains the complex Chinese cable television sector, and its regulatory development. In addition to presenting a number of case studies, Cable TV in China provides valuable insights into issues such as network growth, programming trends, and controls and legislation. The report concludes with strategies for the successful participation in China's cable television industry by foreign investors.